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Project Description


Europan 13 proposal, Bergs, Sweden

Decades ago the land of Bergs got privatized and removed from the rest of the population. The land became an enclosure and its unique features removed from the people. Times are shifting, people are claiming Bergs back. Bergs enters the process of inversion; from enclosed to public, from a segregating element to a community, from a barrier between surrounding neighborhoods and nature to a connecting link merging them together.

The site is cleaned out from the oil-tanks, however as history is a crucial component to build a future, footprints of some oil-tanks are kept as a part of history of the site. The footprints become voids in the built landscape, working as community activators, creating a network of programs used by the people. Public squares, market space, water ponds, urban farming, sports field, creating different zones of activities within Bergs.

Minimizing the impact on the landscape, areas with already flat surfaces are used as base for the built environment.  Buildings are densified around the voids, with a building height following the landscape, ensuring good views, and respecting the landscape silhouette which has a great significance and context regionally.

team: dante borgo, isabella eriksson, sima agisheva