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Architecture is by definition an act of exclusion and segregation. The act of creating limits in space and transforming it into a measurable and controllable territory.

This act of exclusion of architecture that cuts and divides the space necessarily creates a dichotomy in vs out, friend vs enemy, private vs public. The project emphasize this constant tension and the ever present possibility of conflict, which according to Carl Schmitt, is what governs the state or in this case the space. An invisible but always present and constant tension,  intangible barriers many times more difficult to penetrate than the physical.

A line on the floor, divides the space into two parts. A security guard serves as a mediator between the two sides of the gallery. A monitor circuit CCVT 24hrs space in order to document how many people choose and are able to cross or not the intangible limit, making the exhibition a constant event.

team:  dante borgo, isabella eriksson, sima agisheva

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