Östersunds nya kommunhus 2019-05-23T12:55:42+00:00

Project Description


Östersund, Sweden

Competition finalists; in collaboration with KAAN architects and Gora art&landscape/Johan Folkesson

The proposal aims to give Östersund a bright new city foyer that blends in naturally, that organizes without using force in a most relaxed and open modest architecture that yet answers the townhall monument with an equal strong character.The building must be understanding, not dominating. Transparent where possible, private when needed. All surrounded by the green and colorful meadow garden which finds its way easy and to be seen from every angle in and around the building. If this all can be offered and a lively energetic center of combined public accessible spaces with room to meet, eat, speak, teach, learn and mingle, the Östersund new city foyer will be a true city spot, a place to be for all people of Östersund.

Visualizations: Pf Visual