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Project Description



Papalote is a children’s museum in Iztapalapa, serving as a new destination, oasis, for childrens social environment. Contrary to seeking the attention of children through architectural forms and bright colors the project intrigue the child to be a part of the experience by seeing other children play, showcasing a world of fun and entertainment. Instead of closing and ignoring the environment, the building assimilates and cope with the transparency and lightness of its envelope.

All operational and service functions of the museum are concentrated into a solid core, acting as the brain or the machine of the museum. With this, the entire perimeter with its double height spaces is released and dedicated to the public; allowing a complete autonomy of the operational part of the museum with the public side, and considerably reducing the cost of construction. The perimeter exhibitions are in direct contact with the outside and is contained by a completely transparent shell, breaking the typical barrier inside-outside, thus creating a clear invitation to be part of the museum experience through visual interaction.